Saturday, May 30, 2009

Black Men & White Women

I know the fool in the video is not representative of all black men who are in relationships with white women.
I acknowledge that there are many interracial relationships that are not based upon ingrained Mandingo and Missy Anne stereotypes.
Ok!? Now read the damn post before you send me some funky comment...

Never ever say (aloud) that a black man ONLY dates white women - even if it's true! One of my black female co-workers has a crush on a guy. He has stated and it has been noted that he has a clear preference for women of the whiter shade of pale. After witnessing her flirting with him rather overtly, I gave her the heads up. Unfortunately, he was around the corner and my "quiet voice" wasn't quite up to par.

HUGE mistake...

I received five emails from him that day telling me about myself. He informed me that I didn't know him and better keep his name out of my mouth. At first I was amused, but I apologized if I had offended him. Finally, I just let him know that I could care less who he dates, sleeps with, holds hands with or whatever. Jeez...You would have thought I called his mamma a hooker!

Personally, I've dated the entire rainbow and have no ill will towards black men who do not date black women. Why? Because we wouldn't have anything in common and I don't want to spend time defending myself against some Sapphire stereotype. Life is too short. Growing up in my town I witnessed the majority of young black men at my school show a clear preference for white girls. I learned very quickly if I was to have any self-esteem after the eleventh grade expanding my dating horizons was a must. Despite the serious backlash I received from family, friends, and aforementioned young black men - I decided I had the right to be happy.

My co- worker: He still doesn't date black women.


  1. I probably wouldn't count this guy as an authority on anything. It appears that he subconciously desires a white girl. And money for another six pack.

  2. Max: Lol! I would hope that no one is considering this guy an authority on this subject. Ya think it's a six pack he's craving? I was thinking a bottle of Mad Dog is more up his alley...

  3. Well it's just to bad that this man doesn't know his history, cause then he wouldn't have just spoke about jungle fever, and he would have touched on the Lovings who cause it to become legal to be with one another. So I definatly go with the, he just really wanted another 6-pack.

  4. Lol Anon! Yes, I think I'm going to have to agree: He just wanted more beer.

  5. In all honesty I wonder how many white women has he actually been with outside of the ones that he's seen in the videos.

  6. ^ Lol@ Curious and Citizen. Are you suggesting the star of the video is a tad delusional?