Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fine then!

Okay, I love Christmas! Even though I am super pissed off and want to slap the taste out of the deadbeat ex's mouth, kick the crap outta my car, and slap the ex again...I love this time of year. Everything will work out. I'm blessed. I have my baby, a few family members, and friends. Some people don't even have that.

New posts are forthcoming... Can't wait to blog about the ex in Houston who made a strange and hilarious return, Rush, Glen and that damn Christmas sweater, Mr. Savage, and other negroes in the news!

No Virginia, there is no effing Santa Claus.

I was going to wait 'til I was shiny and happy to post, but screw it...

The title pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now after receiving a $4,000 estimate to repair my car. Yep. Here I was feeling hopeful and happy, preparing to move out of my hometown (which I’m damn sure is the seventh circle of hell) and was looking forward to Christmas and… After spending all day crying in a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut parking lot strategizing, because clearly I’m not going to pay that much to fix this lemony piece of poo.

Yes, I took it to the dealer, yes I received a second opinion, and yes I realize that when the car chugs and dies in the middle of an intersection it’s not a safe thing. I also realize that my 1 hour commute with the baby is not as bad as others, even realize that the hour is just to reach the city limits, and does not include the drive into downtown, drop off at the day care and then the drive to work. Now try doing this with your child in cold weather. Fun times!

I also realize that if I am concerned about my daughter’s safety, I could leave her at a daycare in my hometown. I realize that if I remove her from her current spot(excellent and cheap as hell due to massive funding from the United Way) my cost of daycare would go up by at least $200, the quality would go down, and upon our return to Columbus she will be placed on a waiting list that she would not come off of until the 3rd grade which by then would be…stupid cos it’s daycare dammit, and the new daycare that she would have to go to would also be at least $200 more.

Rent a car you say? I’m on it. Allow me a few minutes to find the nearest tree.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The News

Dumbass and Epic Fail As A Husband


Tsk Tsk

Fuck the death penalty; give him what he really deserves: Release into the general prison population. That colostomy bag will make a great accessory for his dress.

Let's discuss the dealth penalty again...