Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Over

Pity party over. I came across this little gem as I was searching the net for really really sad crappy love songs to suit my mood. Please enjoy and laugh your ass off.

She tries guys, she really does...

^Don't worry kid - see below - there's hope for you yet!!!


Like crappy Italian food (Fazoli's anyone?) sometimes stuff just keeps on coming back...Can you believe I almost made it to seven whole days without dumb shit rearing it's ugly little turd head in my life? I even had a little celebration on FB handing over my Drama Princess tiara and everything! So here's to the Ex who decided to ruin my tranquility.

Yeah, I'm having a pity party - so?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glenn Beck = Warm Fuzzies

@3:17 Mr. Beck made me cry for my mommy and hide under my blanket...
@3:30 I came out and giggled myself senseless.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attack of the Angry Parent

Normally I am not one to step in while someone is disciplining their child - unless it is a clear case of abuse. Today, at the grocery store, a middle-aged white woman came through the doors with five bi-racial children under the age of ten. She immediately began yelling at them, jerked one out of his stroller and placed him in the middle of the cart. When the oldest one didn't move fast enough for her, she pushed the cart at him as if to it him with it. This child was at eye level with the cart and had he not jerked his head - the handle would have caught him in the face. When she went to do it again - I stepped in, got between her and the child and quietly explained to her to knock it off. She said nothing, but the children looked relieved. During this whole episode, people were commenting loudly about her behavior, but NO ONE stepped in. People commented on her race on the children's race as if it mattered, but NO ONE intervened.

I don't know the real story behind what happened in this video, but...damn. Every parent has had that moment where their little angel has not only gotten on their last nerve, but jumped on it, shredded it, and waved it around saying, "I dare ya to smack me!" Yeah, we've all had that moment where we checked ourselves, and walked away. No one is perfect, spanking and/or yelling, take your pick - most people have had that moment that you wish you could take back.

Question for most people is: who decides when that line between discipline and abuse has been crossed. You say: Children Services. I say: Get the hell outta here. Due to my profession I am what is known as a mandatory reporter. Now, I'm going to be careful here because thanks to random friendings on FB, the door to my blog was opened before I had blocked certain people from viewing it. That said, there have been times where cases were NOT opened and it left me SMH. The neglect and/or abuse was so obvious a blind person could have reported having seen the shit and still given an accurate account. Nothing was done. Not a damn thing. What do you do? Keep reporting it. Don't let it go because a child's life may depend on it.

The lady in the video? Maybe she was just having a bad day as her defenders say. Or maybe this video is the best thing that ever happened to this kid. Too many people laugh at this and other crazy shit on YouTube like it's funny or part of one's culture. Bullshit. Yes, black people, I am talking to you. Then you wonder why are community is in the hot ass mess that it's in. Oh, but isn't it funny? No plantation Negroes who write that being hit with a belt, switch, extension cord did them a lot of good - it is not.

h/t Undercover Black Man