Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I killed Bambi

I blame McDonald's for this...

My toddler is in love with the Kidz Bop cd's that are now included in the Happy Meal. Her absolute favorite is the "The Purple One" that we must listen to during our fifty-five minute commute. Today, I made the mistake of putting in "The Yellow One" which immediately drew her wrath. I'm driving down the highway listening to her howling, when I notice something in the middle of the road. Swearing, I swerve just in time to avoid the newly dead deer in the middle of the damn road. After a few seconds of trying to erase the image of steaming bloody road kill from my mind - I try to explain why I yelled at her.

It went like this:

"Mommy is sorry for yelling at you. Mommy was scared and trying not to hit something in the road and needed to concentrate."

"Whad you hit mommy?"

"Nothing honey, there was a deer in the road and -"

"You hit a deer?"

"No, mommy did not hit a deer, it was already hit and -"

"Did the deer get blood?"

"Um, yes, but listen honey the deer was -"

"Is the deer okay?"

"Well, see, the deer is sort of... okay, the deer is in heaven."

"The deer got dead?" "You killed the deer dead!"

"No, the deer was already gone and -"

"Mommy killed the deer like Bambi."


  1. Seriously??? You followed me to my blog and posted this nonsense?

    Um, thanks for the comment.

  2. Wow you have a selective memory..I simply reacted to your bullshit you left on UCBM site..

    You need to develop a sense of humor...

  3. Lol! Thanks for the comment.