Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perez Hilton take a bow

I have question about the Miss USA controversy: Why is everyone up in arms about this woman's answer? Yes, I know for those who are proponents of gay marriage her answer was offensive, intolerant, yadda, yadda frick'n yadda. Before anyone jumps down my throat with a barrage of nastiness, insults or before anyone agrees with me without knowing where I'm coming from - consider this: Would you have preferred that she lied? Would you have preferred that she had given, what is unfortunately being called, a "politically correct" answer? What the hell does "politically correct" mean anyway? For many on the right it is on par with using the term "liberal" as a slur. Describing someone or their position as such is often used as a way to stop a cogent argument from someone they disagree with dead in it's tracks rather than debate actual facts.

Let's put it this way: If you feel the need to use derogatory language when discussing a particular group of people - then go on ahead. Seriously! Hey, as an African-American woman, I would much rather you be upfront with your unsavory opinions about me than keep it in the closet. Why? Because I know exactly who I'm dealing with and can act accordingly. Don Imus was real with it and got slapped down. For what? Jesse Jackson was real with it and got reprimanded. Why? Don't apologize. You said it, you meant it, now stand up and defend yourself. Don't hire a publicist, go to rehab and hold prayer meetings. Put that shit out on Front St. and allow the public to decide if you deserve to keep your job, place in the public eye or a GP beatdown.

Back to Miss USA... I have not a single issue with gay marriage. Do I agree with it? Yep. Have an issue with those who don't? Nope. Not really. Why? Because you have the right to your opinion, a right to vote how you see fit, and we can go at it when it's time to cast a ballot. I may disagree with you, think you are dead wrong, have no respect for your opinion, but guess what? It is your right to have that opinion and stand up for it. For supporters of insert your cause), you cannot say you want to live in a tolerant (another word used way too often, but that's another post)world, then display an egregious amount of intolerance when the opinion voiced does not line up with your own.

So, Ms. Prejean (Runner-Up for MISS USA) go ahead and hold your head up, take your bow - we'll see you on Fox News with your new show and on the lecture circuit and at2010 Palin for President rallies. And Mr. Hilton - thank you for continuing to rant against her and extending her 15 minutes of fame.

That's my take. What say you?


  1. See, I don't have as much an issue with Miss California as I do Perez Hilton. Which is weird, because I definitely think marriage rights should be expanded.

    But Hilton was out of pocket in getting upset at her answer, and stayed out of pocket when he resorted to name-calling.

    Like it or not, Prejean has the right to her opinion. To me, Hilton's ridiculous reaction only serves to agitate the divide and does little to elevate the discourse.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm guessing that Hilton was chosen as a judge to appeal to a younger and wider audience. He is getting a lot of mileage out of this controversy. I've spoken to a lot of gay rights supporters who just want him to sit down now.

    I had a similar reaction to hearing some of the black politicians comments during the Roland Burris debacle. While some of the commentary was on point - there were many cringe worthy moments.