Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad Mommy

For the past two weeks, I have been facing down one of the greatest challenges of my adult life: Getting my toddler to go to sleep all by herself. No mommy next to her, and certainly no booby (TMI - get used to it). She's already been weaned. She still attempts to use my breasts as her pacifiers at night.

In the beginning, I looked at this as a milestone. A one week trial period that would put assuredly put her on the path to independence and give me much needed free time. I read several articles from my collection of parenting books. And consulted other parents who assured me that it would be a rough few days, but soon she would be sleeping soundly without me. I even had a cutesy name for her little journey to becoming a big girl: Operation Night Night.

Two weeks later... "Operation Night Night" has become: Operation Take Your Little Ass to Bed Before I Lose My ISH! Such are the sentiments of a sleep deprived mom. Oh, and Dr. Sears, Spock, and the frickn' Baby Whisperer can all kiss my ass.

Tonight is the first night she has fallen asleep before eleven. I gave in and let her have her booby just to get her to go to sleep. Yeah, I know...


  1. KST,

    I wandered over to see what you have going on. I feel like I "walked in on you."


  2. Lol. That's funny. Stay tuned; it's about to get very interesting over here!