Saturday, March 27, 2010


I believe this will be the last post regarding my family. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but there are some moments in this life when you stand at a crossroads and have to make a decision. I have chosen to walk away from, and not return to my hometown for the foreseeable future. Arrangements have been made for my mom to spend some weekends with me. All other options have been exhausted, and she is of sound enough mind now to legally block any action I may want to take. What matters is that she knows that I love her and will be there for her.

Monday a family member took things to a level that there is no coming back from. I will eventually forgive them, but I sever ties knowing that I deserve to be treated with basic human decency. When I left my ex, I vowed that I would never stay in a situation where I feared for my or someone else’s physical safety. Some things are unacceptable, unexplainable and so painful that you have no choice but to stop trying to make sense of it. I no longer care why they have made the decisions they have made, but they have to live with the consequences.

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