Thursday, March 11, 2010


Although the creator of this video could have done a spell check, this song pretty much sums up how I'm feeling these days. I'm learning to be okay with the path that I am taking even if it angers, disappoints, or saddens others. People often mistake loving themselves as being selfish. As a kid, I would hide under the bed or lock myself in the bathroom with the lights off and cry if someone did or said something hurtful. I would tell myself that when I woke up it would be light outside and everything would be okay.

One of the hardest thing that people who have been damaged by others have to learn is how to accept that they will most likely never get a sincere apology from or have their feelings validated by their abusers. People don't want to be told they fucked up, so they'll tell you to: move on, don't live in the past, get over it, stop being a victim etc. All valid points - when they're not being made by the person/people who created the trauma you need to get over. The trick is to feel what you need to feel, confront them if necessary, and be OK with the fact the some people will not change. Tricky indeed.

Enjoy the video.

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