Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Plantation Negroes Running Amok!

Sending someone a not so nice email from work is a bad bad thing. Bad. I called my ex boyfriend's manager (see The Misrepresented Negro post) a plantation negro. In my defense, it was one line in a rather lengthy email regarding his actions before, during, and after my pursuit of child support. This person has made it clear that he thinks of me as a baby mamma who should have never had my child. I informed him that his client was in default of the support order and he replied that he didn't think he rated a conversation with me. My response was that he didn't "rate" back then due to his tracking down people at work, numerous calls and emails regarding the return of a magazine to my ex (seriously) when said ex had not visited his child or assisted financially in six months. I informed him this was plantation negro behavior. Mean. Bad.

His response: He fired off an email stating that he was actually going after my ex for money owed to him. He then critiqued my "victim mentality" and blathered on about the three major religions, Karma, and how being mean to him was going to come back and haunt me. He also opined that my ex must have been "good enough for me for at least one night." Um...Okay...

My favorite line from his email: Good luck on getting your money. Your interests oppose mine. In short, I plan to get my money before you get yours.
Nice eh? Translation : Screw yo baby! I gettin' paid fo' you.

And then he hopped on his broomstick, made his way to my job, and with quivering indignation and my email in hand demanded to speak to a supervisor regarding an employee who is harassing him. In short - he acted like a victim. My toddler does less crying when she gets a boo boo. Damn dude. Who does that?

I have lost my father, grandmother, home, had the father of my child put his hands on me when I was pregnant, his mother condemn me for being selfish and leaving, fought for almost a year to even obtain child support, been called all kinds of whores, bitches and treated like shit, and guess what? I fought back. I planned in advance an left. I take responsibility for my choices and actions. Life is hard, and I may fuck up at times, cry, get angry and be sad. Humans do that sort of shit. Most days I still smile and make jokes. Into every life a little rain must fall.

So guess what beeyotch? I work through my shit. I write. I have a beautiful baby and people who love me. And I'm still here - with my career intact.

I am not a victim.

You Mr. Manager: Still a plantation negro.

*If the following video offends you - go obtain a cursory knowledge of black history and get back to me.


  1. Okay, I want you to step back, take a deep breath, and then tell me how you really feel. I have a feeling you are holding something back!

    My advice? (As if it counted for anything) Be the man he is not. But pursue every legal avenue to make sure he takes care of his child if monetarily only.

  2. Thanks for commenting Max. My filters have been off lately and I',m pretty sure it's taking some by surprise. Eh, what can I say. It's all really real. ; )

    As for the advice - working on it.

  3. Holy Moly,

    We are living in the last days I tell you. I am trying to understand what it means to be a black man these days. Obama just gave a speech on fatherhood and he has been one of the most vocal proponents of the importance of fatherhood in America, while this dude wants to take your baby's money. Funny thing is, if I know house Negroes the way I know house Negroes, then he was one of the ones who celebrated the election of Obama and probably thinks of himself as a man in that tradition. Sadly, the corpus collosum that connects the two hemispheres in his brain have been severed somehow so that the reptilian part of his brain has no connection to his rational mind. It is a common problem these days. I would suggest consuming mega doses of fish oil to support better brain health or perhaps he should be referred to social services to receive more specialized care.

  4. ^ And this is why I adore you!