Monday, June 29, 2009


Is it just me or did is seem like it took a second for Mr. Jackson to remind himself that Michael was his SON. He couldn't just speak from the heart and say he loved him and he's devastated? No, this proud FATHER had to mention his new record label. Nice Joe. Real frickin' nice. To think that when I receive a phone call from my child's daycare in the middle of the day my heart almost stops... Even thinking about the loss of my child is almost too much for me. Normally I don't judge how other folks deal with grief, but damn. Really?


  1. Joe Jackson has probably ruined or at least affected the lives of his children in such a negative way, I would wonder why would he change his ways now. Michael was always a meal ticket for Joe and that hasn't changed even with his death which was what Joe was saying.

  2. Joe Jackson is the worst...He treated MJ like he was his Golden Goose. Now what is he going to do?