Thursday, December 3, 2009

The News

Dumbass and Epic Fail As A Husband


Tsk Tsk

Fuck the death penalty; give him what he really deserves: Release into the general prison population. That colostomy bag will make a great accessory for his dress.

Let's discuss the dealth penalty again...


  1. It took Tiger to get you back to posting again?

  2. Is the guy with the dreads the one from Cleveland with the bodies in his house or is he someone else?

  3. @UBJ: Ha!

    @Curious: Nah, this is the due who will stand trial for raping and murdering five-year old Shaniya Davis.

  4. Kill 'em all I say, God will send the rigtheous to heaven!!!

    We ought to use the death penalty 25 times a day in every state in this nation for the next couple of years....until we clean some of the scum and shit out of our prisons.